Bible Exploration is not a destination,
it’s the adventure of a lifetime.

BibleX is a new way for families to journey through Scripture to discover God’s grand plan through the ages. Starting with Book of Beginnings, each of the eight BibleX Adventure Kits is a family devotional designed to help families explore God’s Word together with activities that will get them reading, discussing, memorizing and discovering Scripture like never before.

For Families

BibleX is a family devotional kit that parents, grandparents, guardians, and caretakers can use to take kids on a journey through Scripture. Each Adventure Kit covers a different part of the Bible and equips families with enough reading and interactive activities for 13 weeks.

For Churches

Use BibleX to minister to the families in your congregation. Churches can purchase BibleX Adventure Kits to give to families for use at home or use it in conjunction with Bible lesson plans as part of your weekly children’s ministry. BibleX includes a Sunday school curriculum add-on option.


Sunday school curriculum add-on optionEach preschool lesson includes: center activities, an opening activity, scripted Bible story, song ideas, game ideas, craft ideas, snack ideas, Bible memory, an activity page, and a closing prayer time.


Sunday school curriculum add-on option Each elementary lesson includes: opening activities, worship ideas, scripted Bible exploration, discussion questions, 3-5 activity ideas, Bible memory, a mentoring moment, BibleX review, and closing prayer. Most weeks also include printables that can be used with the lesson.

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The BibleX experience is divided into eight different Adventure Kits, each featuring different Bible stories. Start with the first Adventure Kit to go through the Bible chronologically.

Adventure Kit #1:
Book of Beginnings | Genesis

Explore the book of Genesis and read how God was at work in creation, the fall, the flood, and the lives of Abraham and his family.

Adventure Kit #2:
From Out of Egypt | Exodus-Joshua

Discover how God brought His people out of the land of Egypt after 400 years and led them into the land that He had promised Abraham and his descendants.

Adventure Kit #3:
Israel: The Early Years | Judges-David

Explore the book of Learn about the nation of Israel’s struggles and victories as they are led by various judges and how God gave them their first two kings.

Adventure Kit #4:
The Days of Kings | Solomon-End of Kings

From the glories of Solomon’s reign to a nation split into two kingdoms, you’ll see God at work through the kings and prophets of Israel and Judah.

Adventure Kit #5:
To Babylon and Back | Captivity-Return

You’ll discover what led to the fall of the nation of Israel and its 70-year captivity, and how God was at work to bring them back to the land He had promised Abraham.

Adventure Kit #6:
The Promised One | Gospels: Part 1

Explore the birth, life and ministry of Jesus who was the Messiah promised to Adam and Abraham and David.

Adventure Kit #7:
God’s Plan Fulfilled | Gospels: Part 2

Learn how Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection were the fulfillment of God’s grand plan to provide redemption to a fallen world.

Adventure Kit #8:
The Rise of the Church | Acts

Find that Jesus’ ascension to heaven was not the end of God’s work in the world, but just the beginning of what He was going to do through His people—the Church.


Each Adventure Kit includes a box everything you need to get started in: Bible Exploration Guide, ExploreMore IdeaBook, Memory Verse Cards, and Discovery Posters and Stickers for tracking your success. Plus, additional Adventure Pages and Bible Memory Activity Sheets are available online for easy download and use.

  • • Daily Bible Exploration Guide

    A family devotional that includes discussion questions, memory verse and prayer.

  • • Bible Verse Memory Cards

    A simple, fun, and effective way for your family to memorize Bible passages together.

  • • ExploreMore IdeaBook

    An incredible collection of family activity ideas that connect to the Bible readings to help further remind and reinforce lessons. It includes a wide variety of outdoor activities, crafts, field trips, and games—all with a list of supplies and clear instructions.

  • • Discovery Poster and Stickers

    There is a sticker for every Bible reading in your Adventure Kit that you can put on a poster. Together, the sticker forms a larger picture. It serves as a powerful summary of what you’ve learned and accomplished as a family.

  • • Daily Adventure Sheets

    Additional activity pages for every reading are available for easy download and printing. You’ll find activities for every age and learning style.



Adventures Kits are priced individually, but can be purchased in bulk for a discounted rate. Families and churches buying at least five Kits may add the Sunday School Curriculum material for an additional $3/kit. Purchase a 1-year or 2-year subscription to save even more. Lessons for both preschool and elementary levels are included for each 13-week period. Find full pricing below.


  • $30

    1-4 Each Adventure Kit


    Just $8.95 extra

  • $27

    5-20 Each Adventure Kit


    $3.95 + Shipping

  • $25

    21+ Each Adventure Kit


    $3.95 + Shipping


  • $30

    5-20 Each Adventure Kit


    $3.95 + Shipping

  • $28

    21+ Each Adventure Kit


    $3.95 + Shipping


  • 1-yearReading Plan

    4 (Adventures 1-4 or 5-8)

    $1/Kit Savings

  • 2-yearReading Plan

    8 (All Adventures)


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Free Downloads

BibleX offers an incredible amount of engaging, fun, and educational resources to help families discover God’s grant plan as they travel through God’s Word together. Use the resources below to try a week’s worth of BibleX for free. You can also download free samples of BibleX Sunday School curriculum.